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Ezee Deals is a New Delhi-based e-commerce shopping company, located in Okhla Industrial Area Phase 1, Delhi 110020, New Delhi. We tried to connect with their customer service, but it says “Dial Number Does Not Exist“.

In this blog post, we collected some Ezee Deals customer care numbers from google search results. This data is posted in this blog on 02nd Feb 2023.

Please use the customer care number provided at your own risk. We cannot guarantee the accuracy or reliability of this information and are not responsible for any issues that may arise from its use. It is your responsibility to verify the information and make sure it is appropriate for your needs before using it.

Ezee Deals Customer Care Numbers


Customer Care Email Addresses

Not Available

Chart Support

Not Available

Website Adress

https://www.ezeedeals.in (not working)

EzeeDeals.com (other expired domain related to their brand)

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