Esports Cheating Ban Highlights Corruption Problem in Competitive Gaming

 The Esports Integrity Coalition (EIC), a non-profit industry human anatomy dedicated to cleaning up esports, has prohibited a player for two years after he confessed to cheating during the Mettlestate Samsung Galaxy CS:GO Championship earlier this thirty days. Connor Huglin, who received a two year ban from competitive esports, after he was found to be using third-party software to cheat in the Mettlestate Samsung Galaxy CS:GO Championship. It is the first such ban handed down by the...

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Massive Pennsylvania Gambling Expansion Bill Passed by State House, However Without Controversy

 Pennsylvania gambling expansion has become a focal point in Harrisburg for over a year, but late Wednesday night, the state’s House of Representatives finally took action on the matter. The manner in which they did so, nevertheless, is being criticized by some lawmakers. A 675-page Pennsylvania gambling expansion bill took simply hours in order to make its way through the House of Representatives, causing some legislators to bristle at its fast passage. Yesterday morning, House Bill...

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