Belgian Regulators Push for More Gambling Restrictions

 Belgian regulators want further restrictions on the nation’s online gambling industry. (Image: In a global world where more nations are liberalizing their online gambling sectors to permit for increased competition, Belgium has been something of a outlier. While they haven’t banned online gambling enterprises, they are extremely aggressive about blacklisting sites that they are doing not approve of, forcing Internet companies to block access to them and...

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Online Poker in Russia Tries to out come in of the Cold

 No, he’s not featuring in ‘The Nutcracker Suite,’ but Russia’s Vladimir Putin could be playing online soon poker. (Image: MIKHAIL KLIMENTYEV/AFP/Getty Photos) The federal government of Russia is actively considering legalizing and managing poker that is online according to Russian business and politics daily Kommersant, thus opening up a potentially huge market that could be worth $145 million yearly in fiscal revenue alone. The Russian daily publication says that...

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