Prediction Markets and Betting Lines Go Crazy, as First US Presidential Debate Approaches

 Gambling lines and forecast markets are in full swing, as the two US presidential candidates get ready to square down against one another at Monday night of first debate. If you can think of the possible line for almost anything that may happen, chances are an online book somewhere has it. The gloves be removed on Monday, September 26, when Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton step inside the debate ring with Lester Holt. And bookmakers and prediction markets are prepared to just take your...

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Welfare Recipients Allegedly Gambled With EBT Profit Florida

 Welfare recipients have allegedly been gambling on another person’s dollar in Florida simply by using EBT cards at underground gaming facilities. Welfare recipients in Tallahassee, Florida, have purportedly been employing their benefit that is electronic transferEBT) cards to purchase, among other things, alcohol and tobacco, and also used the funds to gamble. A multi-agency investigation led by the Leon County Sheriff’s Office in Tallahassee has identified 132 suspects...

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