Bulgarian Bride – this might be role 3 of a story that is 4-part Bulgarian wedding traditions

With you some traditions that take place on the wedding day (making wedding breads, a wedding flag, wedding garlands, and peculiarities about the traditional Bulgarian wedding dress) after we revealed the most interesting traditions and customs that precede a typical wedding day in Bulgaria, we shared. Now we are going to enhance the curtain once again to look at remaining portion of the fascinating wedding traditions which are followed on a normal Bulgarian wedding (many of them are a subject...

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Texas Divorce: Dividing Property

All earnings obtained and home obtained by either partner through the wedding belongs to both spouses similarly Texas is really what’s called community home state. Which means all income acquired and home obtained by either partner throughout the marriage is community property and belongs to both partners equally, so that it must certanly be split similarly amongst the partners once they divorce. Likewise, all debts that either partner incurs through the wedding are thought debts that...

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